What A Gluten Free Diet Taught Me About Marketing.

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I start this post with a slight disclaimer, this article is based on an experience I had recently, this includes the information and facts that I learned at that time. The source of information should be of the highest standard as it came from the Coeliac UK Organisation, if you did not know, Coeliac disease […]

Cutting The Shackles And Breaking Free From ‘The Man’

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I was sat thinking of what ‘brilliant’ tip or advice I could give you to help you with your online business but while waiting for inspiration I decided to go and make a cup of tea and lubricate the old brain cells. A nice mug of Yorkshire’s finest usually helps to get the old grey […]

Using Facebook Groups To Bookmark Interesting Posts & Articles

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After speaking to Head Minion I am happy to tell you about this little idea. Apparently it is ‘genius’ as he called it so with that high praise I shall tell you about it. This is what we call a ‘hack’; hack is a new word that seems to be all over the place and […]

How Not To Be Dependent On Google Or Yahoo Rankings


I write this post after seeing an advert on TV recently for Land Rover which caught my eye. The advert featured Para-Olympians and a host of other people who have had to overcome adversity and physical disabilities with a ‘can and will’ attitude. Land Rover: Can and Will Before I go into the bones of […]

“You Should Have Gone To Radio Rentals” Becoming A Digital Landlord

radio rentals

Do you remember the old Radio Rental adverts? I do, it is hard to believe that people rented things like radios and TVs but they did and still do. People may not rent radios as much as they used to, even though Radio Rentals has had an increase in business since the recession started, but […]

Don’t Write It, Transcribe It! The Secret To Creating A Profitable EBook

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Today’s post could alter the way you think about writing books. I am going to tell you about a little secret that several successful Kindle Publishing companies use to create their eBooks fast. This method I have spoken about in the past briefly in posts dedicated to creating eBooks but today I shall focus on […]

Using An In Post Image Gallery To Increase Advertising Revenue

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This is one of those secret hacks people in the industry know but you probably do not. It is a simple piece of knowledge that can increase your advertising revenue to the next level. If you have a viral content website (or planning to start one) and are trying to generate money from advertising revenue […]

The Ups And Downs Of Selling T-Shirts With Teespring.com Part 2

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This is a follow up article to the one I wrote here The Ups And Downs Of Selling T-Shirts With Teespring.com. Please read that article first to understand more on how Teespring works otherwise you may get lost a little reading this follow up. **Please Note: Teespring is an American company selling to the US […]