Tim’s Partnership Deal: Make Money As A Middleman


Tim’s Partnership Deal: Make Money As A Middleman


Do you remember Bob Rothman? No? Well let me tell you a little bit about him.

Bob Rothman rose to fame in the 1980s for being banned from every bookmaker in the UK because he just kept winning! By 1992bob rothman papers he had taken over £3 Million Pounds from the bookies and eventually they all banned him from their premises. He is also banned from their websites too.

Don’t be fooled into thinking bookmakers cannot go banning people because of the nature of gambling, you either win or you don’t, it’s the luck of the draw right? Bookies know that don’t they?

Well let me tell you this, if you are a persistent winner then bookmakers do not like you and they will ban you. They work on the fact that most people lose at gambling hence why it is called ‘a mugs game’. If you win regularly then they can and will ban you.

However  there are people who do win a lot of money regularly because they do not play the ‘mugs game’,  they know something most people do not and they do things differently.

We know that many people say, gambling is a mugs game yet here is a man who made £3 Million Pounds from it, and he still makes a lot of money today even though he is banned from bookies, so how does he do it?

Tims Parternship Deal Bob Rothman 7He didn’t go into the bookmaker’s shops in incognito wearing false glasses, nose and a moustache hidden under a big floppy brimmed hat and trench coat. No he set up a system where he created a group of very trusted people who would go and place the bets for him using a large network of shops and then share a percentage of the winnings with him.

This sharing of the winnings was a payment for the winning tips they received. If they stopped paying they didn’t receive any more winning tips and so they didn’t win any more money. Bob Rothman is famous for being able to work out which horses will win more than any other person. He also has people on the inside who can give him information which help him make a better decision.

Tims Parternship Deal Bob RothmanBob has a great knack of working out which horses are going to be the winners, not every tip is a winner but he has more winners than losers and that is how over time he has amassed over £3 Million Pounds. He generates at least £300,000 every year with some years being exceptionally great.

He passes on his tips to his team who then go out and place these bets at varied bookmakers in their area. They have it worked out so that they do not go to the same bookmakers too regularly or generate too many wins to raise suspicion and avoid being banned. They collect their winnings, pass on their share to Bob and everyone is happy, except the unsuspecting bookmakers that is.

Now you too can do the same, Bob Rothman has teamed up with Tim Lowe (Our glorious Leader) to expand his business and show you how you can generate a team of trusted people that you can pass on this winning information to. You yourself do not need to go and place any bets, you can if you wish but instead you will pass on tips to people who will then pay you a percentage of their winnings and you then pay Bob & Tim a percentage from your earnings.

 Tims Parternship Deal Bob Rothman 4


No winnings no earnings or payments. You become the middleman, passing down the great tips from Bob to your team. You can do this in one of many ways, you could create an online members only website or you can simply send out an email or text message to your secret group.

You could perhaps create a secret members only group on Facebook and pass on the tips to every member of your team at the same time. Whichever method you choose you will simply be the middleman creaming off profits from other people’s work.

They will go to the bookmakers and place the bets and do all of the face to face dealings with them, all you have to do is pass on the winning information 3 or 5 times a week. This can be done in your lunch breaks and depending on what system you set up, it could take as little as a few minutes. That’s it.

Tims Parternship Deal Bob Rothman 6 Obviously, if you wanted you too could go and place a few bets occasionally but why would you when you can have many others do it for you and pay you for the privilege?

For example, if you had an online membership site with 40 or more members, you pass on the tips to them and they go out place the bets, then they pay you a percentage out of their winnings. You didn’t have to go into a busy town centre dodging the hordes of people or bad weather. You simply stayed where you were in the warmth of your home or place of work.

Now imagine if all 40 members placed bets of £50 or more that were winners. What if those 40 people went to more than one shop to place the same bet? You get paid a percentage of all the winnings the information generated and all you did was pass it to them.

Bob Rothman still makes a lot of money from his predictions today and he does not place any bets himself, he simply works out which horses he thinks have the greatest chance of success and then sends out the information to his team of foot soldiers who place the necessary bets. Simple!

And now the good news is that he is expanding his business and looking for new partners to work with. If you want to become one of Bob Rothman’s and Tim Lowe’s new partners and get a slice of a multi billion industry then go to www.tims-partnership-deal.com to get more details.


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